Friday, October 1, 2010


Spiritual Wellness: Not Taking Life For Granted

Normally we begin each day like we're suppose to be alive today, we take waking up for granted, and the only time we temporarily halt this automatic 'suppose to be alive thinking' is when a love one or somebody we know dies.

The loss of life forces us to deal with the saying that the ‘changes of life and death is what happens to us while we have expectations and are making other future plans’.

Most of us whether we admit it or not expect to be here everyday – we take life for granted! Yes most people take it for granted that they will always be here and it is just another day that comes automatically.

Most people are always talking about tomorrow, living for the weekend, next month, next year, living for the next vacation, living for retirement. It seems are minds are always restless on tomorrow and not fully present today; we do more planning on tomorrow than being thankful and appreciating today.

Tomorrow is important but you have to first make it through today! One writer states: “God only gives us this day, the present is all that we have. There is no guarantee that we will have a future in time because the future is a gift not a right.”

Taking today for granted is why most of us procrastinate, putting off important things that should be done today; the only time we have is now; tomorrow is a hope, not a promise! Life is lived second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day. When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.

When we stop taking life for granted we’ll start living fully each day as God-conscious servants with gratitude and humility; we’ll stop focusing so much time on our styles, egos, titles, and jobs; we’ll stop wasting time with pettiness, making excuses, postponing, pretending, gossiping, and hating.

We’ll make each day count - we’ll start counting the blessing of being alive instead of just living superficially and ungratefully to count our money, count our lottery tickets, count our houses, count our cars, count our clothes, count our shoes, count our purses, count our jewelry, and count our friends on face-book, because in the end these things don’t count, you can’t take them to the grave and you won’t be judge by them!!

When we have a sense of spiritual wellness, we realize ‘Blessed is this Day’, each day of life will be a ‘Day of Thanksgiving’, thanking the Creator for another day of life; thanking Him for giving us another day to Breathe again, to Think again, to See again, to Hear again, to Smell, again, to Taste again, to Talk again, to Feel again, to Move again, to Relate again, another day to get it Right again.

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