Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Staying Focused on the Spiritual Path

by Gloria Excelsies

From my perspective everyone in this world is on a Spiritual path, whether they realize it or not.
What is the so-called Spiritual path all about?
As the name suggests, the so-called Spiritual path is the path or journey that leads us to Spirit. In intuitive philosophy, Spirit is just another word for our Divine Self, for our true identity. But obviously, generally speaking, people use the word also to refer to the Source, the Divine Home from which we all extend, from which we all come.
On a Spiritual path it’s everyone’s destiny to reawaken to their birth-right Divine Self, to Spirit. However, if we are not careful and really focused on our Spiritual path, then it is very easy for the superficial temptations of this world to steer us off our path.
If you have learned to dis-identify from your 'consumer culture manufactured lower self' and to identify with your loftier Self, it will be natural and easy for you to stay focused on your Spiritual path. However, if you are still pretty much identified with only your material things, your body, your feelings, your emotions, your thoughts, then chances are that superficial worldly temptations will appear attractive to you and will steer you off your path.
So this is why it is so important to stay focused on our Spiritual goals and path. It is so important to never forget that at the end of the day, at the end of your incarnation the only thing that will matter is your Spiritual growth, how much you have grown on your path.
So I thought, today I share with you five quick tips to help you stay focused on your Spiritual path, goals and aspirations:
1. Practice attitudinal healing. Whenever a fear-based thought comes up, stop it and replace it with a devotional love-based one. The Spiritual path is the path out of fear into devotion. So we have to say no to fear and yes to devotion.
2. Monitor your dreams. Make regular adjustments based on the feedback you receive from your dreams. Our dreams tell us whether we are on track or not. Whether we are advancing on our Spiritual path or not.
3. Set evolutionary goals and create spiritual battle plans. The fastest way to steer off your path is to wander around aimlessly. The surest way to stay focused on your path is to have goals: goals such as mastering your mind, transcending your fears, finding a meaningful way to serve the world. Goals keep us focused. Many people have goals – lose weight, stop smoking, make more money, but not many people consider that our Soul and Spirit have goals too - evolutionary goals!
4. Develop an insatiable desire to realize your Divine Self. That’s half the battle. As Yogananda said: “If you want to realize God, you have to want God like a drowning man wants air.“ If you develop such a desire to realize your Divine Self, nothing in this world will steer you off your path.
5. Make daily adjustments in all areas of your life, as needed: both spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
Make a decisive decision right here and right now to follow your Spiritual path, goals and aspirations with iron discipline. Take the initiative every single day to stay attuned to Spirit and master your consciousness in service of your higher purpose, and you will advance well on your Spiritual path – the only thing that will matter at the end of your life.

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