Monday, August 3, 2009

Wellness Nutrition Suggestions:

The benefits of good nutrition are multiple; good nutrition is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and the body’s systems to function optimally for a lifetime. The benefits of good nutrition can be found not only in physical health, but also in metal health. A person's food intake affects mood, behavior, and brain function. Several nutritional factors can influence mental health, including: overall energy intake, intake of the energy-containing nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats), alcohol intake, and intake of vitamins and minerals.

° Sustain oneself with natural 'live' foods such as soybeans, fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, garlic, honey, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, wheat germ, watermelon, sunflower seeds, bran, foods with complete protein, such as whole grains and legumes.

° Vary your diet and make the effort to look for different kinds of foods that are healthy.

° Avoid dangerous foods and food additives. Inform yourself of the chemicals which are added to foods and avoid them to protect your health.

° Avoid packaged and canned foods with little nutritional value.

° Avoid the refined carbohydrates, refined sugar goes directly into the bloodstream and upsets the endocrine balance and without the proper food factors for metabolism, it can cause tissue damage.

° Keep it simple and take your time. Healthful eating should be pleasurable; take time to look for healthful foods and take pleasure in preparing healthful meals.

° Eliminate coffee, tea, alcohol, and other addictive drugs. Coffee and tea, like alcohol and addictive drugs are correlated with higher risk of illness.

° Concentrate on quality in proteins; eat foods with complete protein, such as whole grains and legumes.

° Eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Eat foods that are low on the food chain such as rice, beans, wheat, barley, and oats and stay away from fast foods.

° Try to get high fiber roughage every day, about 24 roughage grams a day (in bran, whole grain products, fresh fruits and vegetables) are required to avoid the risk of degenerative disease.

° Chew food slowly and thoroughly, don't eat when angry. Eat only when hungry and don't eat heavy meals at night. Drink lots of water, use herbs for vitamins and start every day with a nutritious breakfast.

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