Monday, August 3, 2009

Wellness Self-Responsibility Suggestions:

The following self-responsibility suggestions are based on the need to behave as though your health is in your own hands. High-level wellness depends on an understanding of the biological functioning of the body and an understanding of the body's nutritional and physical needs. Ignorance of biological and nutritional needs can lead to casualness, to irresponsible and detrimental behaviors, to the over-dependence on doctors and drugs.

° Each person is in charge of their own life and therefore responsible for their own health.

° Each person is different from everyone else and therefore the alternatives available to them should suit their unique personality and life history.

° Each person should be motivated by a desire for self-development and can channel this motivation towards a life of high-level wellness.

° Each person needs a sense of purpose and the means of self-expression in order to attain their goals.

° Your regard for oneself has an effect on how one takes care of oneself. Respect for oneself is essential for the achievement of high-level wellness.

° Dependence on doctors and drugs in some circumstances might seem an easy alternative to assuming responsibility for one's health.

°It is important to accept oneself and one's responsibility for one's own beliefs, to accept others and their responsibility for their beliefs.

° Go for positive fulfillment wellness activities; high-risk escape behaviors (drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc.) have a long-term negative effect on one's wellness.

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