Monday, August 3, 2009

Wellness Physical Fitness Suggestions:

Beyond the detrimental effects of exercise neglect, there are beneficial effects of exercise on the physiology of the body. The heart rate, blood pressure, body fat, stress level, blood cholesterol and lipids are lowered and circulation is increased, with improved oxygen uptake in the nerves and body tissues.

° Make physical fitness a part of your life. Understand the importance of keeping fit and plan an exercise regimen.

° Don't think of fitness as a crash program. Becoming fit and staying fit are gradual processes becoming increasingly enjoyable as you progress.

° Exercise is fun so don't cheat yourself by taking an activity too seriously. Set your own guidelines and keep your routine enjoyable. There is no need to introduce the stressful element of competition.

° Engage self-awareness and enjoy exercise even more. Recognize that valuing fitness is part of enjoying life.

° Get in touch with Mother Nature - and yourself. Walk or jog in natural places and combine the effects of exercise with the mental effects of natural retreats.

° A little activity goes a long way. Short exercise programs are far more beneficial than no exercise at all.

° Set modest expectations, if you set your hopes too high you will be disappointed in your own performance and become discouraged.

° You can get better with age. With an exercise regimen that suits you it is possible to become more fit as you grow older.

° Get involved in your activity. Make it an important part of your life.

° Learn how to breathe. It is important to know the correct techniques of breathing before, during and after engaging in physical exercise. The general rule of thumb when breathing while exercising is to exhale on exertion (the hard part of the movement) and inhale during the easier part of a movement. On a push up, for example, you inhale on the way down and exhale when you are pushing up away from the floor. When you are not exercising you should breath through your nose, inhaling with closed mouth tongue at the roof of the mouth resulting in your stomach swelling with air; as you exhale your stomach should go back to normal.

° Supplement your favorite fitness activity. In addition to your fitness routine, you should do conditioning exercises for stretching and toning the muscles.

° Express your fitness activities in a contract. Keep a record of your activities and the results of your exercises. This will encourage you to progress further.

° Be sensible, be sure not to ask too little of yourself but do not overdo the exercise. Create your own strategies to become fit and realize the beneficial mental effects of fitness.

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