Sunday, March 18, 2012

What is Life Calling of Me?

In truth, life flows through us, like a river moving toward the sea. It is resistance to the ever present flow of life that causes us to be dissatisfied or frustrated with how life is. When we resist life we shrink from life’s fullness.

Therefore, in contemplating the question “What is life calling of me?” we have to consider how we resist and block life.

Another question associated with “What is life calling of me?” is how can “I” get out of my own way? Getting out of our own way, not hindering the flow of life, connects us to aliveness and presence—it opens us up to a life of fullness. It is not that life calls us to do or be someone, it is more that life beckons us to let go into life—open to the fullness that is always present.

A primary way we struggle with what “is” is through our attachments. Attachments are habits and behaviors that the mind grabs onto as a way to create and support a sense of self. When we put life energy into attachments or aversions we are attempting to control our experience, which is a means of avoiding what is.

Attachments support and defend our habit nature, which in turn makes our living narrow, structured and mechanical. They energetically move us into living through stories, which are stagnant and crystallized ways of being.

Attachments and aversions make our lives heavy and thick, they energetically glob onto our awareness and sidetrack our lives. They take on a life of their own and suck away awareness, vitality and life energy.

Evolution moves us to be ever more conscious; to know who we are, to know that we are already whole, to know ourselves as expressions of the “all,” to know that our worthiness comes from the very fact of our being alive.

Sometimes we get confused about self-esteem, thinking that it is something we acquire or possess, that we have it or do not have it. We think that our good looks, our intelligence, our talents and skills, our accomplishments are ours, a reflection of who we are as an individual identity.

Likewise, we think that lack of physical attractiveness, absence of intellectual brilliance and ordinary careers show that we are insufficient, faulted or mediocre at best.

The truth is that beauty, intelligence, and creativity belong to life itself and are not something our little minds can manufacture. When we recognize that we, as living flesh and bones, are also expressions of the “all,” we realize that we don’t own life and that we can’t claim life as our own.

In reality, we come from infinity which is the essence of our true self esteem. We have indwelling worthiness, just because we are. We see that most clearly through the miracle of birth or witnessing a young infant.Once we utterly realize that we belong here, self-esteem is a non issue and life simply is, as it unfolds.

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